Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chip and Geri

Hello all! We are Chip and Geri Schnarr. I (Geri) will be doing most of the cooking and all of the blogging but Chip helps me out in the kitchen most nights and is truly a grill master :)

This blog came about because I've decided to go through all of my cookbooks, actually try all the dog-eared recipes and then, after a year of trying new recipes, put all of the amazing ones into one cookbook. (It's really my sneaky way of being able to get more cookbooks after a year)

We LOVE food. Well, Chip mostly loves eating the food and I love absolutely everything about food. Where it comes from, the creative process, and of course the eating! In this blog I'll be posting all of our kitchen endeavors, the results and our thoughts on the recipes. Because it would take a ridiculous amount of time I won't be typing out all the recipes but I'll let you know where I found them and if there are any that you absolutely must have I'll be happy to email it to you!

We hope you enjoy this "journey" as much as we do!

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