Friday, April 30, 2010

Apologies, Chef's jackets and Mediterranean Chicken

So, apologies first! I haven't posted since I got back from Coachella Music Festival. I've been cooking since then but I've been so busy with school! So I'm posting my favorite dinner in the past two weeks.

This Mediterranean Chicken was a recipe I found in Fitness Magazine. It was soooo delish! Simple and fast- the flavors all worked so well together. My favorite part was squeezing the hot lemon over the chicken before eating it. To save even more money on the recipe I bought bone-in chicken thighs with the skin and removed the skin myself at home and trimmed the extra fat.

And exciting news on the school front! I went in and signed up for and paid for my classes for next semester! I'm taking Restaurant Principles, Nutrition, Catering Operations, Hot Foods, Garde Mange, Baking and Pastry Production, Cakes, Pies and Gluten-Free Baking. AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD! I got to wear a chef's jacket! It was quite surreal. I can not wait to get my own!


  1. How exciting Geri!! That sounds like a lot of fun classes :) And that chicken looks yummy!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I'm so excited! The chicken was super good and easy! Are you and Dan both vegetarians?

  3. No, Daniel is a meat eater. He especially likes chicken and sausage, not a lot of red meat.
    I will have to treat him to one of your chicken recipes sometime :)